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In July and August 2015 we started our first conversations with Converse representatives about our possible cooperation. Our first bigger project together was Converse installation at Teniskology – one day dedicated to celebrate sneakers.

Converse @ Teniskology


















From the agency perspective this was something really big where we could show that we are able to handle events like that. We recommended Jan Plechac and Henry Wielgus from studio to create a creative concept of the Converse Space which was dedicated to #madebyyou campaign and to local artists from the fields of music and art. Apart to brief to Jan and Henry regarding the space we had to handle the production, the search for artists and musicians and also communication with the production agency as well as the owner of Vinohradsky pavilion where the event took place.

And the result was worth it. We had full house all day, our installation was among top 3 according to some influencers and definitely was completely different to everything you could see during the day.

Participating artists:

Martin Pavel

Pleas the Trees


Result: Total 92 earned Instagram and Facebook posts.


After successful launch of Metaxa Partyhaus in 2014, Rémy Cointreau has decided to continue in this project and even bring a new Partyhaus on scene. The one that will be travelling around the country and people can order it to any place.

Metaxa partyhaus design

Our goal was to figure out the best possible way for PR support to reach as much attention as possible. Therefore, we came up with an idea of design contest as we thought that we can engage young creative people who are also target group of Metaxa brand and home parties concept. Overall 26 students or student teams from architect or design schools have signed in. Four judges (Jan Plecháč, Tereza Provazníková, Ingrid V. Lermen  and Mária Hrablíková) chose 6 best projects that were awarded. The winning concept was produced during only four weeks and introduced during the final award celebration. Now it is ready to travel from city to city, from town to town and from village to village.

As agency, we prepared the concept, managed all communication with schools, judges and also public including final event.

Case Chatty


Andrea has worked for the CHATTY brand since 2012. With designers Radka Sirková and Anna Tušková, they introduced a unique brand story to the Czech audience.

Chatty na premium
andrea na MBFW
andrea na MBFW 2
chatty v hn


While the brand has been growing throughout the years it has become more and more important to introduce it to the international press and public with an overlap in the Czech Republic. They spent a lot of time together considering all the options which resulted in a decision to go to the PREMIUM fashion trade show and Fashion Week in Berlin.

This decision was only the beginning. Additionally, the designers in CHATTY were preparing 4 collections in 2014 to get on the international fashion calendar, but also to fulfil the needs of local customers. They were challenged to find ways of gaining financial support, not all addressed companies were willing to support the brand at the time.

Therefore they decided to be the first fashion brand in the Czech Republic to try crowdfunding and raise the money for the administration fee at PREMIUM Berlin.

Andrea was leading the project, communicating with representatives of HitHit – a local crowdfunding portal, and preparing a communication strategy and presskit which gained a great deal of media attention and can now be described as a success story. The project ’CHATTY goes to Berlin’ brought attention from all major media houses bringing the success story to life through several interviews and articles. After four weeks, the money was raised successfully and CHATTY went to Berlin.



  • Deal with the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin on behalf of CHATTY – presentation of the brand with the aim to be selected for the fashion show

  • Price deal at MBFWB

  • Application form for the PREMIUM Berlin including brand presentation with the aim to attract the PREMIUM Team and be selected to participate

  • Communication strategy for ’CHATTY goes to Berlin’ crowdfunding project

  • Video project for the crowdfunding portal with Matej Tresnak and Jiri Svorc

  • International and local communications materials for SS15 collection presented in Berlin

  • Coordination in Berlin


FunBikes is a fixed gear and urban concept store in Prague and a brand we have been building since the very beginning. It was founded in 2010 with the aim to sell fixed gear bikes and components and to focus on building a community in Prague. To fulfil this goal we have organized many bike events over the years.

Case Garage race

One of these events is GARAGE RACE. Prague’s first fixed gear bicycle race, which will have its 6th anniversary in April 2016. This event was raised like a child – from birth to its organized childhood – maybe a different expression here, sounds a bit funny in English. It was created not only to support the FunBikes brand but also, and mainly, to bring the community from different parts of the country together.

We organize GARAGE RACE every April as a starting event for the season for all fixed gear riders from the Czech Republic and surrounding countries. Since the first year, the number of riders participating in the main race and other competitions has grown. We have around 40 riders and hundreds of people coming to watch the race. The event has often been covered by local media, including,, Metropol TV, and Internationally, the event video that we edit every year is being posted on many major media websites to cover the urban bike scene.


Rémy Cointreau Czech Republic and their Marketing Director Ondřej Roček approached Andrea to cooperate on an interesting consumer research project.

The project involved changing trends in alcohol consumption in the Czech Republic. The primary focus being the rising popularity of imported brands and changing of local drinking habits in both pubs and house parties.

Case Alcohol
Týden 1
Týden 2

It was quite a challenge for Andrea. After a briefing with the client she prepared a communication strategy with three phases. The first one was dedicated to the start of Rémy Cointreau’s proactive corporate communication, the other two to Metaxa. It began with a press conference - presenting consumer research covering trends in alcohol consumption for all major media houses. To achieve the most out of the project and the atmosphere, Andrea came up with the idea to organize it in a rented flat in the center of Prague.

The outcome was fantastic. All major media houses including two TV stations covered our key messages.


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