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In July and August 2015 we started our first conversations with Converse representatives about our possible cooperation. Our first bigger project together was Converse installation at Teniskology – one day dedicated to celebrate sneakers.


From the agency perspective this was something really big where we could show that we are able to handle events like that. We recommended Jan Plechac and Henry Wielgus from studio to create a creative concept of the Converse Space which was dedicated to #madebyyou campaign and to local artists from the fields of music and art. Apart to brief to Jan and Henry regarding the space we had to handle the production, the search for artists and musicians and also communication with the production agency as well as the owner of Vinohradsky pavilion where the event took place.

And the result was worth it. We had full house all day, our installation was among top 3 according to some influencers and definitely was completely different to everything you could see during the day.



Martin Pavel

Pleas the Trees



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