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FunBikes is a fixed gear and urban concept store in Prague and a brand we have been building since the very beginning. It was founded in 2010 with the aim to sell fixed gear bikes and components and to focus on building a community in Prague. To fulfil this goal we have organized many bike events over the years.


One of these events is GARAGE RACE. Prague’s first fixed gear bicycle race, which will have its 6th anniversary in April 2016. This event was raised like a child – from birth to its organized childhood – maybe a different expression here, sounds a bit funny in English. It was created not only to support the FunBikes brand but also, and mainly, to bring the community from different parts of the country together.

We organize GARAGE RACE every April as a starting event for the season for all fixed gear riders from the Czech Republic and surrounding countries. Since the first year, the number of riders participating in the main race and other competitions has grown. We have around 40 riders and hundreds of people coming to watch the race. The event has often been covered by local media, including,, Metropol TV, and Internationally, the event video that we edit every year is being posted on many major media websites to cover the urban bike scene.

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