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Metaxa partyhaus



After successful launch of Metaxa Partyhaus in 2014, Rémy Cointreau has decided to continue in this project and even bring a new Partyhaus on scene. The one that will be travelling around the country and people can order it to any place.


Our goal was to figure out the best possible way for PR support to reach as much attention as possible. Therefore, we came up with an idea of design contest as we thought that we can engage young creative people who are also target group of Metaxa brand and home parties concept. Overall 26 students or student teams from architect or design schools have signed in. Four judges (Jan Plecháč, Tereza Provazníková, Ingrid V. Lermen  and Mária Hrablíková) chose 6 best projects that were awarded. The winning concept was produced during only four weeks and introduced during the final award celebration. Now it is ready to travel from city to city, from town to town and from village to village.

As agency, we prepared the concept, managed all communication with schools, judges and also public including final event.

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